Get To Know Us! Jezreel Go

This week, we’d love to introduce you to our newest Associate Instructor, Jezreel Go. Jezreel has joined us as a LEARN Alum with a background in music. Get to know Jezreel!

Name/position: Jezreel Go, Associate Instructor

Favorite element of working at learn: Sharing my passion for programming.

What brought you to learn: My enthusiasm for building awesome things with code.

Fave meal of the day and why: Breakfast. I love my breakfast foods.

Living person I most admire: Hayao Miyazaki

Concert of any musician living or dead: Jimi Hendrix

Favorite thing about working in tech: Tech has grown into every industry. Pick one and you will find something that can be done in that industry with tech.

Wish you had known ten years ago about being a programmer/working in tech: I wish I had known how integral tech would be in every industry.

Mac or PC: Mac