From A Student’s Perspective – Week 9

CRUD [ acronym, meaning create / read / update / destroy ]

Also known as, the shortcut to building a Ruby on Rails app.

I should have seen this coming!!

Now that we know the true way to create the foundation of an app’s development, we have been introduced to the shorthand version. Week 9 commenced with a delving-in-to this super helpful shortcut which enables us to create, dissect, and (if need be) destroy the contents in the app. It also navigates us towards creating add-in features, which really helps bring our apps to life. We even brought in the big guns, learning how to create a geo-tag through Google maps, as well as how to log into a site through our personal social media portals, and a registration gem called Devise.

I’m officially ranking this week in my top 3, namely because I am starting to feel like an actual, real live developer. It’s super gratifying to have moved beyond “Rails101” and getting in to the vein of app development. In our steps to become efficient developers, we are establishing relationships with all the tools in the shed. Short cuts, gems, and enhancement features others have already created are readily available, for free, at my disposal.

This week has given me what I correlate as the “access code” to the gates of this programmer community. This world of open source opportunity is amazing; my appreciation for this communal property has grown exponentially since the beginning. Everyone is here to help each other versus the standard cut-throat approach method we see in everyday life. In a way, I feel like the community is some underground hippie commune, where everything is free, you can be who you want to be, and everyone is there to help each other. My inner creative being is slowly but steadily emerging from my inner depths, ushered out by the encouragement this community has extended.

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