From A Student’s Perspective – Week 8

I officially had made an app that I am proud of! This week flowed so nicely and everything seemed to click. We made a registration app that allowed you to log in with a user name and password, search the database to see if you are registered already, if you are not then there is a button you can register your self and bam! You are in the database. The coolest part of the entire app was that once you logged out your information is deleted from the cookies so other people can’t just hop on the computer and log on as you. Your information is still stored in the database but the cookies are not. So cool!!!! I am turning more and more into a nerd.

The energy was awesome this week, we got to recap on the past two months and it felt amazing to get a refresher. The entire class spirit was uplifted and light and we all went out to lunch together on Friday. Fat Boys must love us.

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