Focus On Coding, Not Making Payments: LEARN academy partners with STRIDE to provide more access to a career transition

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LEARN academy launches its Deferred Tuition Agreement to make starting a new coding career more accessible and affordable.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with STRIDE to launch our new Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA). DTAs offer students the peace of mind to know that LEARN academy will be their partner in their pursuit of a new and innovative career in the tech industry and that payments won’t begin until students graduate and land a job.

“Financing continues to be one of the biggest challenges our potential students face when they are interested in making a career transition,” explains Chelsea Kaufman, CEO at LEARN academy. “Which is why we are determined to provide as many opportunities as possible, so EVERYONE has the chance to pivot into a tech career.”

Students learn inside LEARN academy's classrooms for 4-months, learning the ins-and-outs of web development. Currently, all classes are being held remotely inside their virtual classrooms.

The newly launched Deferred Tuition Agreement will provide individuals with a path to defer payments until they are making more than $2,500 per month or $30,000 per year. Students only need to provide a small up-front deposit to secure their placement in the class. Providing this flexibility gives students confidence that payments will remain affordable, no matter current earnings.

We are truly tied to the success of this individual and want to help them, any way we can, to pursue their dreams of a better future.

“What makes the DTA so exciting, not just for potential students but for LEARN academy as a whole, is we are investing in the success of these individuals,” says Kumba McGill, Enrollment Manager at LEARN academy. “By offering the DTA, we are truly tied to the success of this individual and want to help them, any way we can, to pursue their dreams of a better future.”

The partnership with STRIDE for Deferred Tuition Agreements offers LEARN academy students an innovative and flexible way to fund their new software development career.

Deferred Tuition offers a significant benefit to students compared to other alternative financing options such as income-share agreements whereby students forfeit 10-17% of their income for a set time period after the program, sometimes paying well over the cost of tuition. With a DTA, the tuition amount is fixed, as is the monthly payment, so there are never any surprises about what students are paying. 

The deferred tuition plan enables individuals to focus on learning and getting hired now. There is even a grace period after the program ends before payment begins and automatic deferral for periods where students are unemployed and/or make less than the minimum income threshold ($30,000 annually / $2,500 monthly). The DTA, in combination with LEARN academy’s proven bootcamp curriculum, course structure, instructors, and lifetime career services, makes launching a new coding career accessible and affordable.

Those who are interested in learning more about the newly launched DTA agreement, please visit From there, individuals will need to fill out an application for the DTA and speak with the LEARN academy team for the next steps in this opportunity.

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