Fathers who tech with Matthieu Tripoli

Matthieu Tripoli is a proud husband and father who took the time to go back to learning at LEARN full time with the full support of his wife and kids. LEARN why he made the decision to join LEARN and what were some highlight moments for him.

1.What was your previous background before choosing to switch to web developer and why did you?

I had a lot of jobs before switching to web development, I was a swimming/synchronize swimming coach, a nanny, a cashier supervisor, and an airline employee. After switching airlines I realized that I needed to do something more fulfilling with my life and I had been web-designing as a hobby since 2000 so I said “Let’s make a living out of it”.

2.As a husband and father, was it a hard decision to commit to a full time immersive bootcamp for 4 months?

It was financially and timing wise. I work at the airport from 4:30am to 8:30am so deciding to do the bootcamp meant that I would leave the house at 3:30am and come home around 6:30pm. It was hard on the kids to only see me for one and a half hour each week day but they are great kids and my oldest one (5 years old, 4 at the time) understood why.

3.Why did you choose LEARN?

I chose Learn mostly because of the internship program. I did not want to do a 3-month program and be left to fend for myself. I wanted that work and networking experience it provided.

4.What were some highlight moments of the program?

The battleship challenge was one. It really showed how we all program differently from the same set of rules. The second was the first week of ruby when I lost it and doubted myself but after a talk with the instructor and an alumnus I realized that I would be OK even if I did not get it right away. The third was our group project solidifying bonds that were created thru the same struggles.

5.Pair programming and the internship are key components to the program, how would you describe your experience?

Pair programming was the double edge sword, it can be great if you are on the same wave length and painful when you are not. It teaches patience and respect, a different approach of the problem you might not see. I loved it for all that. The Internship was a great experience not only was it with French people, our mentor Jerome was really helpful in explaining things and guiding us toward the solution.

6.After graduating from LEARN, do you feel confident when applying to jobs in web development?

I do, I am working on selling that confidence and showing what I can to get those jobs out there.

7.After LEARN do you continue to study more about programming and learning other languages?

Programming is like the Greek mythology of Sisyphus. You are pushing that boulder over and over up that hill. There are constant improvements to the languages and framework that you never stop learning. The more you know, the more you are able to think different ways.

8.What advice would you give anyone interested in enrolling at LEARN?

Do it, do it, do it. Trust yourself and “Trust your instinct Luke” Yoda.

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