LEARN Academy Expands Internship Program

Over the past five years, the Internship program at LEARN academy has been one of the most valued parts of our Full-Stack Web Development program. LEARN academy has worked with over 80 different companies and placed over 360 interns through the program. The internship has provided businesses and startups with the opportunity to support the growth of the next generation of web developer talent in San Diego and beyond. 

Being a part of this program has allowed companies to receive meaningful contributions to both internal and external client-facing projects and the ability to build relationships with future job prospects. Additionally, 33% of company partners have hired our students immediately following the program bolstering their growing teams with terrific talent.

To support the continued growth and demand of the Internship Program at LEARN academy,  partners will be asked to contribute a $500 fee per internship period. The fee will allow LEARN to continue to provide a high quality program and support the tremendous growth we’ve seen in the industry.  

Each company will receive up to 4 interns for a 4-week placement, totaling 160 project hours. During the initial interview process, companies can host 20-minute interviews with up to 10 candidates. LEARN will help facilitate the best matches for the internship based on the top choices provided by the companies and students. From the company’s standpoint, we are looking for individuals who can provide mentorship and guidance, intending to give the most valuable experience for your interns.

Interns will receive 40 hours of direct training and onboarding for the internship facilitated through LEARN academy on the specific technologies they will work on during the internship, so students will be ready to hit the ground running on Day 1 of their internships.

The recruitment process for most traditional Internship programs can take up to 6 months; the process at LEARN academy can be accomplished in 2.5 months. This system provides companies with a reduction in costs for the recruitment of candidates and a faster timeline for interns to begin.

The new $500 fee to participate in the Internship Program will be in place with our upcoming Bravo 2020 cohort. If you have any questions about this announcement or would like to join a future internship program, please reach out to hello@learnacademy-wp-production.notch8.cloud