What’s the Easiest Way to Get Started as a Web Developer?

person at computer researching to become a web developer

You truly can’t go wrong by becoming a web developer. Coders are paid more than most other professionals, the demand for them will only keep growing in the future, and they don’t even have to spend years in university before they can land their first job. 

In fact, you can learn everything you need to become a coder in just a few months by enlisting at the best developer bootcamp in San Diego. This is possible even if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to coding and web development in general.

In this article, we’ll help you kick-start your coding career by explaining some basic terminologies and telling you how and where you can learn to code in San Diego. Keep reading to learn more.

4 Questions You Should Ask If You Want To Learn JavaScript:

Is there a difference between coding and programming?

If you’ve spent some time reading about coding online, you’ve probably noticed that some writers use the terms “coding” and “programming” interchangeably, while others draw a clear distinction between the two. 

The differences between these two terms are:

  • Coders are professionals who write the actual code necessary to create a program or a certain part of a particular program. They’re the “blue-collar workers” of the programming world, which is why these tasks typically fall to junior developers. 
  • Programmers do other tasks in addition to coding. These include algorithm analysis and implementation, problem solution, data structure understanding, and so on. They tend to have advanced analytical skills and a highly technical mindset.

In other words, all programmers are coders, but not all coders are programmers. However, not everyone insists on making this distinction, and many teams simply use the two terms interchangeably. It’s up to you and your specific company culture to decide how you’ll use these terms.

Should I learn to code on my own?

Many would-be coders try to cut corners by using free online resources to learn how to code. While this may seem like a sensible idea on paper, the reality is that it can only hurt your chances of becoming a successful web developer.

This is because free online courses lack a highly-optimized syllabus that can help you get the most out of the time you spend learning to code. What’s more, they also don’t give you access to experienced teachers who can answer pressing questions or help you when you get stuck. 

Finally, having actual work experience in your resume makes you infinitely more attractive to prospective employers. No matter how advanced a free online course might be, it’s simply not going to be able to provide you with an internship at a first-rate company.

How can I learn programming without experience?

In the past, would-be developers had to pay through the nose and spend years attending university lessons. Luckily for you, this is no longer the case. Today, most employers care more about the code on your GitHub page and how well you fit their team than whether you have a university degree or not. 

The most efficient way to get started in web development is to enlist in an intensive coding bootcamp. Ideally, this bootcamp should include at least three months of theoretical lessons and exercises and a month-long internship at a real company. This will equip you with all the knowledge you need to get a job as a full-time coder.

Where can I find the very best developer bootcamp in San Diego?

You can’t go wrong by learning to code, and the easiest way to do so is to contact Learn Academy. Located near Petco Park, we’re San Diego’s leading provider of first-in-class coding bootcamps. 

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