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Beginner’s Coding Guide: How Do I Get Started in Coding

Coding has truly exploded during the past two decades, changing from something that was only used in video games and the occasional electronic device, to something that is truly integral to the way we do business and live our lives.

With the internet expanding with each passing day, the need for trained coding professionals isn’t going to stop increasing anytime soon. It’s safe to say that enlisting in one of the top coding bootcamps in San Diego and becoming a full-time programmer is a choice you won’t regret.

Let’s say you’re a complete newbie when it comes to coding. How do you get started? Do you need to spend years attending university, or can a coding bootcamp teach you everything you need to know to land a programming job? Read on to find out.

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Are coding bootcamps for beginners?

During the early years of coding, prospective coders either had to figure everything out on their own or to enlist at expensive universities. Much has changed since then. Today’s coding languages are far more powerful and complex, but we also understand them better. 

Coding as a whole has become more streamlined, with certain programming languages such as Ruby having huge online communities that can help you if you get stuck. All this means that a dedicated student can learn all they need to land a coding job in just a few months of intensive training. 

So the answer is: yes, coding bootcamps are absolutely great for beginners. In fact, these days they’re the preferred option due to how convenient, affordable, and focused they are.

Should I go to a coding bootcamp?

The answer to this question ultimately comes down to personal preference. Are you a cerebral type who likes to solve complex problems? Do you want to keep learning new things and honing your craft throughout your career? 

Here are some of the major benefits of a career as a web developer: 

  • Coding is a skill that’s high in demand no matter where you are in the world.
  • Coding is the ideal dream job if you want to be a freelancer or a digital nomad.
  • Most cutting-edge job fields that pay great salaries require you to understand coding to some extent.
  • Coding is crucial for today’s emerging industries such as AI space and cryptocurrency.
  • The tech industry isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon, which means coding will stay relevant for many years to come (perhaps forever).
  • Even junior developers tend to get really good salaries compared to most other professions.
  • You don’t need a degree to become a coder, so you can get started in life without any university or college debt.

If the above sounds appealing to you, your best course of action is to enter a reputable coding bootcamp designed for beginners. This is a great way to dip your toe into the world of web development and figure out whether you truly want to commit yourself to this profession. 

Who provides the absolute top coding bootcamps in San Diego?

The coronavirus outbreak has caused considerable damage to our economy and placed us all in a state of lockdown. If there’s a silver lining to this whole situation, it’s that at least now you have a lot of spare time that you can use to take your first steps on a path to a successful coding career. 

Here at Learn Academy, we pride ourselves on providing the finest web development bootcamps for beginners and experienced coders alike. What’s more, all our bootcamps can be attended remotely. 

This means it doesn’t matter whether you live in the La Jolla area of San Diego or in another part of the US entirely: we’ll still make a programmer out of you in just a few short months! Get in touch with us today.