Checking in with Keaton and SuiteCentric

We took some time to check back with Keaton and see how he is enjoying his new position as a developer. Check out what he has to say about his new responsibilities and how LEARN prepared him for this opportunity!!!

What is your current title and responsibilities at you SuiteCentric?

I am a Web Developer at SuiteCentric where I primarily handle client request pertaining to e-commerce websites, and site integration with NetSuite.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

The company culture is very entrepreneurial. I think success in the company will come from taking initiative and being a self-starter.

What technical skills are requiring for your job and how do they relate to what you learn at LEARN?

I am really thankful that I began learning JavaScript at Learn because we use a lot Backbone.Js, GIT was crucial too.

How did professional development week help you prepare for your job search?

Professional development week offered the opportunity to bounce ideas off professionals. It really gave me and really gave some insight to the tech environment.

How well did LEARN prepare you for this new position?

To be honest, I feel very under qualified. BUT without LEARN I would not have a foundation to build upon and I would not have the Learn community to rely on.

What advice would you give someone interested in enrolling at LEARN?

If you’re willing to give yourself to LEARN, do it!! The skills coming out of LEARN will put you in a position to find a job and grow as a developer.

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