Announcing Our New $100,000 Career Transition Fund

As the CEO of LEARN academy and someone who has personally navigated the uncertainties of career changes, I genuinely understand the fears and challenges of taking a leap of faith. I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new Career Transition Fund, which provides the resources and support for individuals seeking to make their dreams a reality.

Making a career change can be a daunting prospect, but it’s crucial to remember that you’re not alone. There is an entire community of people who have been there before, and their collective experiences serve as an invaluable source of confidence and encouragement for those taking the plunge.

At LEARN academy, we firmly believe in empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and create a meaningful impact on their lives. With this mission in mind, we are dedicating $100,000 to the Career Transition Fund to help as many people as possible embark on a successful journey into web development. Together, we can transform fear into possibility and build a supportive community that fosters growth and success.

The Goal: Changing Lives Through Tech

LEARN academy was built by career transitioners for career transitioners. We know the unique challenges and rewards of taking a bold step to pursue a fulfilling career. Our entire team, from students to leadership, has faced the emotional risk and the feeling of being out of place while overcoming barriers. We’re here to empathize, connect, and guide those who dare to follow a similar path.

In today’s fast-paced world, people need assistance and support to make meaningful life changes. We understand the importance of providing this support and the life-changing impact it can have. Our Career Transition Fund is designed to help those brave enough to dive into the dynamic tech industry, even when facing financial constraints.

We believe that embracing career transitioners is essential. They bring diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to the tech landscape. By supporting this group, we’re creating an environment that nurtures growth, collaboration, and success for everyone involved. Our commitment goes beyond financial assistance; we are dedicated to cultivating a community of like-minded individuals eager to make a lasting impact in the tech industry.

So, our mission over the following five cohorts is to fuel the fire of individuals eager to embark on a new journey and transform their lives through our immersive 16-week coding bootcamp. We invite you to join us in this quest to empower career transitioners and help them achieve their goals. Together, we can shape the future of technology by fostering a diverse, inclusive, and skilled workforce that drives innovation and success for years to come.

How Does the Career Transition Fund Work?

The Career Transition Fund is available for individuals looking to launch a career change and qualify for one of our three scholarships:

  1. Women’s Coding Scholarship: As a woman in tech, I understand the importance of encouraging more women to enter the industry. This scholarship is designed for women who are passionate about pursuing a career in tech but face financial constraints that prevent them from attending a bootcamp.
  2. Diversity Coding Scholarship: Diverse and inclusive teams are the engines of innovation. The Diversity Coding Scholarship supports individuals from underrepresented groups interested in pursuing a career in tech. This scholarship aims to create a more inclusive tech industry and promote equal opportunities for all aspiring coders.
  3. Fresh Start Scholarship: We are passionate about supporting those seeking a career change in the tech industry by offering the Fresh Start Scholarship. This needs-based scholarship assists individuals facing setbacks, exploring new paths, and recently unemployed or laid off. We understand career transition challenges and want to help you take the first steps toward your new future.

The total scholarship amount for individuals will be awarded based on their scholarship application and application and interview for our 4-Month Coding Bootcamp.

We have set aside $100,000 for the following five cohorts, and our goal is to help as many as we can launch a career transition into tech. So, we will be awarding scholarships until the funds run out.

A Comprehensive Support System for Career Transitioners

At LEARN academy, we go beyond financial support. We have built a comprehensive support system to help career transitioners succeed in their new journeys. Our program offers the following:

  1. Career Transitioner Program: Our four-month program specializes in providing you with the framework to succeed inside our classroom and beyond. Our guaranteed internship prepares you for real-world coding challenges and gives you instant experience on your resume.
  2. Career Services: Our dedicated Career Services Team ensures our students are well-prepared for the job market upon graduation. From resume review and interview coaching to job search assistance and networking opportunities, our team works tirelessly to help students land their dream job.
  3. A Supportive Community: One of the most significant advantages of joining LEARN Academy is the strong sense of community among our students, alums, and staff. We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, valued, and encouraged to contribute to the success of others.
  4. Ongoing Learning Opportunities: As part of our commitment to our students’ continuous growth and development, we offer continuing learning opportunities even after graduation. Through workshops, events, and alums networking, we ensure that our graduates have access to resources and support to stay current and competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

What are the next steps?

  1. Schedule a chat: Learn more about our different scholarship opportunities and which one you qualify for.
  2. Please apply to our Full-Stack Web Developer BootcampSubmit your application for our upcoming Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp through the LEARN academy website.
  3. Complete the scholarship application: All interested individuals must be accepted into the upcoming class AND submit their coding scholarship applications.
  4. Notification of Award: Individuals awarded the scholarship will be notified before class begins.

Our team is excited to help individuals like you take their first steps into the world of technology. With the Career Transition Fund, we want to create an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. So apply today and join us in shaping the tech industry’s future!

As someone who has gone through a career transition, I know firsthand the challenges of making a significant change. But I also know the incredible rewards that await those who dare to leap. So I am proud to lead LEARN academy and launch this Career Transition Fund to unlock more access for future tech professionals.

Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the tech industry by empowering career transitioners and fostering a diverse, inclusive, and skilled workforce. I can’t wait to see the fantastic things you’ll achieve!