6 Pieces of Advice Before Joining Coding Bootcamp

1. Practice makes perfect!

The advice of coming to coding Bootcamp is that you must have the time to practice either before or after coming to class. Alumni Tucker mentioned that the best athletes who would constantly practice, including the best software developer, would practice gaining more skills in their field. It is like the saying goes, “practice until it becomes natural.”

2. Do it as you mean it

Just do something that you will never regret making a change for your future career. Alumni Jenny and Emma mention that it would be worth it to try out coding. They included that even though everyone’s path is going to be different, the skills that you learn from LEARN are invaluable, and you will know which set you up for success in any career.”

3. Enjoy what you do

It is crucial to be confident in making the change of doing something new. Most of all, enjoying learning about coding like Alumni Mike did when attending LEARN academy. Mike mentions that if you’re not having fun, it shows that coding might not be for you. Therefore, there is nothing to be nervous about learning something new to you. He does have more advice for learning about coding. There is a video for you to learn more about coding.

4. Do what you gotta do

Everyone has their way of learning to code. During 2020, students have the benefit of having their studying environment at their home. Alumni Tsz, Andee, and Rudy express how taking classes online is beneficial while being at home. During those times, they want to let everyone know that they’re not alone and knowing everyone was going through it together. They have lists of advice for future or current students in the video. You should check it out.

5. Be determined to achieve your goals

When making those decisions of changing for the future, the change has to be 100%. If there are doors that open for you even though you looked into it, look at it as a new opportunity. Alumni Kyle wants to give encouraging advice to be open to opportunities for future careers. Know that everyone has their way of learning to code. There are videos to learn more advice on joining a coding boot camp.

6. Recognize who you are

We all have our way of recognizing the capability to make the change. Know that there will be some challenges to learn outside of the box. Alumni Kate wants to knowledge who joins coding boot camp that they are beginners to learn something new. Being a beginner and embracing the changes are normal because you accept new challenges. There is a video link for you to hear more from Kate’s experience and her way of handling the situation.


The alumni you have witnessed in those videos were once beginners willing to spread their experiences would benefit all future students. Some of them did not have any experience with coding. Others have done it but not very much. Overall, having experiences does not need to be required unless there is no motivation for the work. Just remember that everyone is at the same level when learning for the first time.