9 Ways to Thrive in Your Coding Internship

It’s internship time here again at LEARN academy, and that means our students will be going off for a month long experience where they will gain invaluable knowledge about web development and working in a team environment.

This internship provides our students with critical real-world experience and helps increase their skills and network to find a full-time career.

To make the most out of your internship experience with LEARN academy, here are 9 tips to help you thrive.

1. Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework

It is possible you already did some research about the company you will be working with before the interview; however, freshen up your knowledge the night before your first day. It is important to know how to get to the office and what time you need to be there, but also take note that you should know who you are working with, what the company does, and how you will be assisting them in your internship role.

2. Treat it like a real job

Treat it like a real job

Dress for success, be early not on-time, be cordial and attentive. These are things you need to do for your career, treat your internship the same way you never know where the opportunity could lead.

3. Find a mentor

Find a mentor

LEARN academy’s internship program is designed to place you with real managers who want to help you become the next generation of web developers, it is your responsibility as well to take advantage of this opportunity and create a good relationship with the team you will be working with.

4. Be versatile

Be versatile

LEARN academy teaches you a certain way to do things but realize that every company has different ways of doing things and communicating. Try to be adaptive and flexible to this and it will help you become more valuable.

5. Ask Questions

Ask Questions

It is important to ask questions so do not be afraid. LEARN academy has designed this program to place you with mentors who want to teach, but you also need to speak up when you don’t understand something.

6. Stay off your phone

Stay Off Your Phone

Giving the right impression is important, so don’t be disrespectful and be on your phone. It is understandable to go on it at breaks or lunch, but during work, hours be focused on your internship.

7. Add it to your portfolio

Add it to your portfolio

A tech internship is no small deal. The projects you work will no doubt be resume and portfolio worthy. We always recommend updating these items as you go in your career so it is fresh in your head.

8. Network


Getting your name and your brand out is a huge factor in finding your job out of bootcamp. SOMETIMES, your internship can even lead to an extended internship or full-time position. But always be networking.

9. Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback

It is extremely important to ask for feedback. LEARN academy will make check in with you and the employer, however, being new in the web development industry you will be unsure if you are on the right path. Make sure to ask on a regular basis.